We’re passionate about food.

Who We Are

We’re a passionate group of entrepreneurs, engineers and hospitality heavyweights on a mission to transform an industry that’s been long overdue for a renovation: food.

Food is essential, yet access to quality products, dignified work, and livable wages isn’t a given. The supply chain is strained, from the restaurant owner to the delivery driver to the customer.

We’re teaming up with restaurants, brands and entrepreneurs to deliver better food, better work, and better earnings to all — infusing the culinary experience with joy for everyone at the table. Building stronger, healthier communities starts with committing to a better future for food — we’re just providing the vehicles to get there.

Our Principles


At Zevv, we’re committed to the only planet we have. Clean Energy is not for the future but for today at ZEVV. Our mobile clean energy restaurants eliminate greenhouse gas emissions wherever we vend — on the road and in our neighborhoods. Making our planet to be net zero carbon and particulates footprint while moving food to where it’s needed most isn’t a future aspiration. It’s turning today into the future we want to live in.


Our fleet of eco-friendly mobile vending units move the highest quality food where it needs to go all around the city. By making good and varied food accessible to all, we’re working to bridge the growing gap between underserved communities and restaurants while serving every restaurant along the way.


Food safety and sanitation are the foundation of our operation, which is why we seek USDA and SQF certification. From contactless pickup and delivery and state-of-the-art sanitization to post-COVID safety training and real-time data that monitors food and prevents spoilage and contamination, we’re ensuring food is delivered, prepared and served in the safest way possible. Transparency starts from the bottom up.

Our story.

It all started with a simple premise: sell pizza to hungry people. Max Crespo had spent 14 years in hospitality owning and operating nightclubs and hotels. One day he looked at a throng of partygoers and thought, why not sell them pizza?
From that basic need for simple pleasures, Max created an alternative energy food truck and a pizza brand — Neapolitan Express — that successfully brought good, joyful food to New York, from the clubs of the Meatpacking District to the streets where he grew up in East Harlem. Along the way, he discovered there was a lot that could be improved about the food industry.
Out of that experience, Zevv was born and is revolutionizing the way the food industry.